Maine West Athletic Boosters Club believes that athletics provides hands-on, practical application for a lot of life lessons!  Hard work, self-sacrifice, and perseverance are all skills that can be developed through athletics.  Those skills not only make good athletes, but also develop good employees, citizens, and community leaders.

Your partnership with us will send a clear message to all that you are interested in helping develop our children in these areas.  Together we can provide our youth with opportunities to experience practical application of these important lessons.

There are some benefits to your partnering with us in this endeavor (please see sponsorship form).  Yet, we hope the greatest benefit will be shared by our community years from now as we groom our future workforce and future leaders.

As members, we pledge our patronization of your business, and will look for ways to benefit you as our partner, understanding that you took the first step in helping our children.

Again, we appreciate you considering sponsorship as an opportunity to join with us in support of our youth and the future of our community.

Kelly Roback mailto:therobacks@att.net

Final – Booster 2017-18 Sponsorship Letter



 Dr. Zanoni















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